[marketing,brand,sports,event,shoes]   Main Responsibilities   Plan and build corporate marketing team, set up, direct, and manage the brand marketing function Devise short term and long term marketing strategy, objective and business process Manage the brand marketing strategy and activities for own and re-sell brands Set up the process of corp...
[retail,store,sports,nike,adidas,guangzhou] Main Duties: Manage the overall business in the region, including own retail stores, franchised retail stores of own brand and re-seller brands Build a highly effective organization and optimize the business outcome Be responsible for the delivery of business, volume and profit Plan and lead marketing pl...
[printing,software,sales,guangzhou,barcode,global] Responsibilities:   Working closely with APAC GM, to implement and execute strategic plans, financial forecasts for the South China region Understand existing channel and motivate them to expand our product penetration Develop new channel and key accounts Support strategic sales pursuits and chann...
[food,product line,management,pricing,development,Shanghai] Main Duties:   In charge of annual product plan and budget Overall product positioning and brand building Product line design and optimization, balance the needs of exisiting and new products Pricing strategy and execution for all product categories Annual advertising plan, meda promotio...
[digital,Shanghai,art,client,4A,agency,English]   Main Duties:   Lead the creative team to serve brand clients In charge of the recruiting, training, organization, incentives, motivations of team and timely report to CEO Assist clients in formulation of creative strategy Understand and assess the brief from account service team Explore all pote...
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About Globalite

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Globalite was established in 2006 by a group of overseas Chinese who have had many years of experience in information technology and management.

Why are we different ?

Headhunters are not all the same. We excel most of our competitors in the aspect of industry knowledge, database, candidate history, professional search & screening.

What the word 'Globalite' means?

Globalite actually is the combined form of Global and Elite. We aim to serve the corporates who need professional people...

We are Boutique

In the classification of an executive search firm, there are two kinds: General and Boutique. We are boutique which is very much focused in selected segments.


Welcome to GlobaliteHunter

In 2006, Globalite was founded in Shanghai by a group of overseas Chinese. Hunter Services began in the year after and operates as a Boutique Search Firm serving internet, telecom, FMCG and advertisement industries. In many ways, we differentiate ourselves from hundreds of international or local headhunters.


World's Top Search Firms

The executive search industry ranges from "Retained" search to "Contingency" search.  There are two broad types of Retained Executive Search firms in operation.



The Role of the Search Firms

Search firms get service fees from the employers, not the job candidates. Headhunter acts as an agent between employers and job seekers. As a third party, headhunters have to be objective in all aspects of the recruiting pcoress.


Face-to-face with Search Firms

Job interview is the most important step in understanding the profile of a candidate. However, many headhunters do not follow the traditional but formal way of screening. In real practice, face to face still proves to be the key to the quality of a hunter.


What is Executive Search ?

The executive search profession ranges in models from "Retained" search to "Contingency" search. Retained search firms are paid a retainer equal to one-third of the fee up front to launch the search process, and pay the rest according to stages in the process.



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Confidentiality Policy

As a standard practice, we treat all case information from clients and personal information from candidates with strict confidence. We always do our best to protect such information and use if and only if it bears no harm to the information source.

Quick contact

For service inquiry or demand for further information, please feel free to contact us.